Information on inside of the building

  • Introduction Video

    We introduce the inside of the museum in the video.

  • Takao Yaguchi of studio landscape

    As soon it entered the entrance of the Manga Museum
    Corner that reproduces the Yaguchi teacher of Atelier
    There you Yes on display.

  • First floor,
    Manga exhibition room

    Past the corner of the studio, and proceed to the back There is a cartoon exhibition room of the atrium. At the center of the room there is a large tree extending to the top. You can enjoy reading in the mood and spacious.

  • Slope gallery

    On the wall surface of the slope leading to the second floor Exhibition is a lot of cartoonists our original It has been.

  • Second floor,
    Manga exhibition room

    On the second floor of the cartoon exhibition room, Takao Yaguchi Respected cartoonist, Osamu Tezuka There is a book corner.